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Since I started traveling by myself, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my “alone travels”:

Do you not get bored? Sad? Lonely?

With the experience I acquired within the years, I can now answer this properly (well, I hope so). I’ve tried traveling with a friend, even a group of friends and every single time, I’ve come to the same conclusion:

Nothing is as good as traveling solo.

But why?  Of course, both have pros and cons so here are the 6 most important points solo travel has made me realize.

1.You will NEVER be alone

So, if this is one of the reason that is stopping you, get it out of your head right away. Let’s be clear: The whole solo travel thing is a paradox. You will (almost) never be alone, except if you decide to go camping in the middle of an isolated forest of course.

But even then, there is a good chance that you will meet people.

Plus, if you wait around for your friends to go with you, you might just never leave.

So, what if you are the only tourist? Yes, you’ll eventually have to talk to locals (don’t worry, they don’t bite..)  You’ll meet people that are totally different from you, yet the opposite and that’s the beauty of it. Traveling is not only about expanding your list of friends or collecting beautiful landscapes pictures. It will teach you something much deeper: TOLERANCE

2.You can actually change your whole itinerary

This, to me, is one of the biggest pros. Being able to just go with the flow, do stuff that weren’t planned in the beginning. Being able to just change your destination, such as a city, a country or even a continent, in a flip of a hand.I call this FREEDOM.

3.You can follow WHOEVER you want to

What is more frustrating than making amazing new friends that invite you to a party, a day trip, a weekend, or simply to join them on their journey, but your besty is not so keen on the idea? Only a few people are actually able to split with no hard feelings, while the majority will politely say no to what sure might have been the time of their lives, just to avoid offending their friends or having an argument with them. The risk of doing this is holding the grudge against your friends and in the end, it might end up ruining your friendship (and your travel).Traveling alone will sure make your time way more SERENE.

4.You’ll go to your pace

This is one of the best thing ever! Being able to just sleep longer than planned in the morning, ending up in an improvised crazy night in a random place, stay 1 week somewhere instead of 2 days, take as many photos as you want, hiking 4h instead of 2.. all of that without feeling hurried and pressured.

And this, is PRICELESS

5. You’ll make friends for life

While traveling by yourself, you’ll meet tons of people, willing to explore, to take risks, to get out of their comfort zone, always seeking out new adventures, just like you.

It’s hard to explain, but the friendships created while on the road has a total different dimension.                                                                                                                          Every moment you’ll share, every feeling you’ll have will be heightened.

You’ll live things with such a great intensity that a couple of days or a couple of weeks with someone will be equal to years of frienships with your friends back home. It’ll not be better. Just different.

And when it’s time to say goodbye, you won’t be able to say when or where, but deep down, you know you’ll see this person again and the bound you shared will always remain.

6.You’ll grow up

Being on your own and having no one to count on, you will have no choice to just make decisions.  And asking yourself the right questions: What do I  really want to do? Where do I want to go? Where am I going to sleep? Without realizing it, you’ll push your limits and get to know yourself in a total different way.

For sure, there will be some stressful times, times that are for sure easier when you are 2, but hey, this is how you’ll grow into an INDEPENDENT an ORGANISED person.  And if you fuck it up, well, the only person you can blame, is you!! So, this also teaches you ACCEPTANCE.  Suck it up, learn from your mistakes and move on!

Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later!


In conclusion, traveling solo will not only make you grow as a more tolerant, open minded, organized, confident person but above all, A BETTER VERSION OF YOURSELF. And this is what you and me, should all tend to be in our daily lives.

So, don’t wait for the perfect moment, take the moment, make it perfect!






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