Is Colombia a safe place to travel alone?


“Is Colombia a safe place to travel alone?”

Every single time I mentioned to someone I was going there, I would get something like: “Are you really going to Colombia? By yourself? Aren’t you scared? Be careful, I heard that..”

Yes, I know. You heard that the cousin of your friend’s friend got robbed, stabbed, or even worse.

Well, as a woman who has traveled around the whole country for more than 3 months, I think I can now give you an objective opinion about it!

I don’t actually know what it makes me feel like the most when I hear people making judgment about Colombia. Can I blame them for believing everything they hear? Or be mad at them because they think they know everything about a country they’ve never been to?

No, no hard feelings.

But you can always look at the world from 2 different perspectives:

One is bad. And that’s a fact: terrible things happen, everyday, in the whole world.

Or you can decide to accept it. Because thinking about it all the time and making decisions based on fear won’t bring any positive vibes to this world and what’s around you, that’s for sure. If you start adopting a positive attitude, you will see incredible things and persons crossing your path, and this, no matter where you are 🙂



1. People are amazing

In Colombia, you’ll meet the most amazing people, WHEREVER you go!

Here is an other fact. I’ve met many, many great ones over my travels. But rare was a country where they were that welcoming, kind, helpful, caring, happy, smiling and honest (I know it’s a lot but it’s true).

They will help you without asking anything in return and will not try to rip you off because you are a tourist.

I lived with different families and every experience has filled my heart with more affection for those people.

My adoptive parents in Cartagena 🙂

2. They simply love life

Beside the fact that I had one the best salsa nights, I also had the best and craziest bus ride ever! Someone got in with some music and the whole bus got on fire, everybody jut started dancing and singing. I will never forget this moment. They are just happy people, and the best part is, it’s contagious!

 3. Nop, you won’t see drugs at every corner

And to break the myth, nobody tried to sell me cocaine or any kind of drugs!

Drugs are everywhere in the world, if you look for it, you will find it, whether you are in London, Paris or Milan!

I really think it’s a great place to travel on your own. Look, I even hiked a lot BY MYSELF!

All by myself… And SAFE!

 4. And neither will you see violence

Truth is, you don’t need to go to Colombia to find drugs and violence like they say it in the news. Not ONCE did I see people fight in public places! I felt safer there than I do when I’m in Paris!

Instead of talking about the bad things, maybe we should start looking at all the positive ones: They have the best coffee EVER, fruits that taste like heaven, a cultural diversity that you rarely see, landscapes that will leave you speechless, and the list goes on…

I told you about the landscapes 😉

5. You will not want to leave

You will absolutely not regret going there. And there is a good chance you will stay longer than you thought you would! I originally had planned to stay 1 month, but look at me, I stayed more than 3 months whilst I could have visited 3 other countries.

So, to all the haters or negative people, there will always be assholes wherever you go, but you can’t define a country by one bad thing you may have experienced. And this not only applies to Colombia but to any other country!

In Colombia, even dogs are friendly 🙂

They are proud people and tourists are very important to them. Not only because they bring them money, but because they are also proud they are taking the time to visit their country.

And I feel proud I took the time to connect with them the way I did.

This country will forever be in my heart…

Que viva Colombia!

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