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I’ve been a solo traveler since 2009 and I’m here to HELP you travel the world, no matter where you are at in your life right now!

Whether it’s for inspiration, help about the equipment you need, tips about a destination, ALL the content I create is based on your needs! I’m not here to waste your time that’s why I always try to go straight to the point.

I’ve also created a WEB SERIE where you can follow my hitchhiking adventures across America! Don’t miss out 🙂

And if you don’t know me at all, make sure you check out this video right here 😉

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I make videos to help you start this journey you've dreamt so much about, showing you how you can become a nomad and travel full time, what equipment you'll need, etc...


I also make travel guides focused on outdoor activities to help you find those little hidden gems that will leave you speachless


I know some of you prefer to read, that's why I also write articles for you guys in my blog! Check it out

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Are you a brand? A hotel? A municipality? 

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I can create content, vlogs, about your services and location. I'm open to all kind of creative ideas so don't be shy and send me an email to: rossannafiorenza@gmail.com

Promotional videos

Videos are the new trend and yet, many businesses still don't have one. I've collaborated with hotels and municipality to create high quality videos to promote their business. What are you waiting for?

Are you an content creator?

You are an other content creator and want to collab on a particular project? Let's do it! Send me an email at: rossannafiorenza@gmail.com

What my clients say

We really enjoyed the professionalism of Rossanna and Nico. Their promotional video of Fiambala was beyond what we expected. Looking forward to working with you again

Luis Gonzales
Department of tourism - Fiambala

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