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Hey there, thanks a lot for being here!

I’m Rossanna, a french girl documenting her journey as she travels the world with absolutely no fixed plans!

It all started in 2009 when I went to live in Australia for 18 months and decided to explore the country on my own. This has definitely been the most life changing experience I have ever had.

Since then, I’ve put myself in some extreme situations like having to build a hut with palm trees to sleep in the jungle, sleeping in a hammock under the rain in the Colombian desert or living in a Cuban farm like 100 years ago and despite the fact that there have been some hard times, I wouldn’t trade what I experienced for the world!

2018 promises to be an exciting year, full of new challenges and adventures so make sure you read down below to know that’s coming…

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A year of new challenges

It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way you’ll go.” 

Like I said, I like to go with the flow but sometimes, it’s good to know in what direction you are heading, even if you don’t have a specific plan on how to get there. All you know is that you want to get there and that is the most important part. 

I’ve been obsessed with Alaska and Patagonia for as long as I can remember so why not go all the way from one part to an other? 
And that’s what I decided to do! As for the rest, I guess you’ll find that out along with me! You’ll be able to follow my adventures on YoutubeFacebook and Instagram where I’ll try to post as much as I can! 

For now, I’ll do as always, go with the flow and see how it goes..

I hope you’ll enjoy the journey!

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